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Types of Therapy

Therapy for Children

At Alpenglow Counseling we understand that children process thoughts and feelings differently than most teenagers and adults. We provide therapy in a developmentally appropriate manner. We offer play therapy, experiential therapy, and animal-assisted counseling. Parent involvement is also an essential part of treatment. We can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Trauma and complex trauma
  • Behavioral difficulties in the home or at school
  • Behaviors that may result in legal difficulties
  • Struggles related to neurodivergence
  • School and academic concern
  • Interpersonal and relationship difficulties
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Therapy for Adolescents

Being a teenager is difficult and oftentimes lonely. The pressures of being an adolescent in this day and age can be overwhelming. At Alpenglow Counseling, our goal is to provide a safe space where teenagers feel comfortable processing their thoughts and feelings. We recognize that traditional talk therapy may not resonate with your teen. Therefore, in addition to individual talk therapy, we offer experiential therapy, elements of play therapy, and animal-assisted counseling. Parent/guardian involvement is encouraged. However, when appropriate and if there are no safety concerns, what the parental involvement entails is up to the teenager. We can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Trauma and complex trauma
  • Behavioral difficulties in the home or at school
  • Behavioral difficulties that have resulted or may result in trouble with the law
  • Struggles related to neurodivergence
  • School and academic concerns
  • Interpersonal and relationship difficulties
  • Identity formation
  • Preparing for adulthood
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Therapy for Parents/Guardians

We want to support your child and support you! How lucky is your child to have a parent/guarding willing to seek out extra help? We provide parent/guardian coaching and support in the following areas:

  • A parenting approach that has worked with other children but not a current one
  • Parents/guardians who want to parent differently than how they were parented and are unsure how to do this
  • Extra support in parenting in general or in specific areas including but not limited to:
    • A teen who just came out
    • Responding to bullying
    • Child with a medical or mental health diagnosis
  • Desire for increased connection with your child/adolescent
  • Transitioning to parenthood before or after bringing a baby home
  • Preparing for and adjusting to an empty nest
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Therapy for Families

Family dynamics can be complicated. Alpenglow Counseling is here to help families understand each other, support one another, and work through difficult situations. We can provide healing and connection for families in the following areas:

  • Conflict between siblings or children and parents
  • Conflict between adult siblings or adult children and parents
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Blended families
  • Fostering and adoptive families
  • Families where there is mental health or addiction issues
  • Families wanting to gain an understanding of each other’s identities or life choices

Please note, couples counseling is not offered at this time. We also will not work with survivors and perpetrators together unless significant healing has been done with the survivor and it is at their request.

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Therapy for Adults with Trauma

Coping with trauma is difficult. When we experience a traumatic event as an adult it can cause us to question all we have known. Furthermore, many adults are unaware of the enduring impact that adverse childhood experiences can have on their lives, even into adulthood. They may not realize how their current struggle to cope with adversity is linked to those childhood experiences. Whether you are wanting to address trauma that occurred in childhood or adulthood, we can help. We work with adults who have:

  • Experienced childhood trauma
  • Experienced trauma or are experiencing trauma in adulthood
  • Have PTSD or CPTSD diagnoses
  • Experienced disrupted attachment
  • Vicarious Trauma
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Dr. Schilling provides psychological assessments as a contractor through Kaleidoscope Counseling and Assessment. Please reach out if you are interested in scheduling an assessment. Dr. Schilling can either connect you with Kaleidoscope to make an appointment with them, or she can provide you with a list of other referrals.

Groups and Workshops

Positive Discipline

This collaboration takes various forms. It encompasses a joint effort between the client and the therapist, recognizing the client's expertise in their own life and valuing their preferences for the treatment process. Collaboration also extends to include family members, partners, a child's school, faith-based communities, or any other essential systems in the client's life. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the client and integration of any of the other essential all aspects of their life into the therapeutic process.

Bringing Baby Home

Some people feel safe in a cozy office, while others feel more peaceful outside. Therefore, we offer sessions in a traditional office space, as well as the option to go outside. Outdoor sessions may be in the form of walk and talk therapy or engaging in a therapeutic activity outside, such as playing soccer in the parking lot. The aim is to create a comfortable and adaptable therapeutic environment that suits the client's needs and preferences.

Please check back to see additional groups that may be offered in the future. If there is a group you are wanting/needing, please reach out. It may be a type of group we can offer, and if not, we can provide you with referrals.


Intake Appointment

$210 for 60-80 min session (1 time fee)

Individual Therapy

$180 per 50 min session

Play Therapy

$180 per 45 min session

Parent/Guardian Coaching

$180 per 50 min session

Family Therapy

$195 per 50 min session


Dependent on group or workshop.

Alpenglow Counseling recognizes that collaborating with other professionals is a vital part of treatment. As a result, there is no extra charge for phone contact or emails with professionals for collaboration of services.

If the fees make counseling inaccessible to you, please contact Alpenglow Counseling. We have a limited number of reduced fee spaces available.

While Alpenglow Counseling does not accept insurance, your therapist can provide you with the documentation you will need to possibly be reimbursed directly by your insurance provider for out of network expenses. Reimbursement will be according to your benefits plan.

You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate explaining how much your medical care with us will cost. If you would like more information, please contact us.